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    Question Help with opening files

    Hey all,
    I need to open a file for reading. I know that usually you would declare an object like so:
    fstream InputFile; // declaring a stream object"myfile", ios::in);
    Only problem is I need to declare the filename I need to open at a prompt. In other words, 'myfile' is the filename that needs to be opened but its a variable. How would I go about doing that? Thank you.

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    #include <string>
    string Filename;
    //of course, you want to put some error checking after the cin
    ifstream ifs;,ios::in);

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    One more thing(a sentinel-check)

    How about if you want to check if the user entered an escape sentinel like 0 to exit out of the program. Would your code look something like this?
    if (Filename.c_str() == '0'){
        cerr << "Thank  you for using this program";
        return 0;

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