Thread: need help to make a program

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    need help to make a program

    can anyone help me make a program in c++ where i can make a shop-like receipt with the total price and the date etc, and then print it off?
    help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    once ive entered the price and date i dont know how to print it off from c++ in receipt form

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    I recommend doing a search of the board using print as the keyword.

    Basically, there is no standard way to print with a printer in C++. I have seen a solution where the output stream is redirected to the printer rather than the screen. I have seen where "LPT1", or whatever port your printer is on, is used as a filename to associate with an fstream thereby using the printer as a file. I have also seen where the data is sent to a file, then a different program is called, and that program has a print function that can be ued to print the data. You may find other solutions by searching the board, too.

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    Try something like this, assuming you're using "print" in a generic form, as in "print to the screen":
    #include <vector>
    #include <cstdio>
    using namespace std;
    int main() {
        vector< float > prices;
        vector< string > names;
        // Code to fill in vectors should go here
        float sum = 0.0;
        vector< float >::const_iterator curPrice;
        vector< string >::const_iterator curName;
        for (curPrice = prices.begin(), curItem = desc.begin();
                 curPrice != prices.end() && curItem != desc.end();
                 curPrice++, curItem++ ) {
            printf("%-20s  $%6.2f\n",(*curItem).c_str(),*curPrice);
            sum += *curPrice;
        printf("%20s  $%6.2f\n","Total:",sum);
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