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    Exclamation How to make a Text Editor???!!

    I just begginer in the c++.... I tried to make s poor program, that read text and store it in a stuct and desplay it on the screan, and when the user want he can save it, But I didn't success I don't know exactly how to save, and I have problem with the struct when I pass it to function... Can you help Me finish this attempt.
    char FLN;
    static int i;//To count the letters
    struct page{
           char pages[40][100];
    int Save(struct page X);
    void main(void)
    int L=1,C=1,CC=1,LL=1;   //L=line,C=character,CC=character 
    //in the array,LL=Line in the array1,
    struct page P1;
    P1.pages[L][C]=getch(); // put the char the I recieve in the array
    if(C==80){C=1;L++;} //New Line
    	if(P1.pages[L][C]==(char)13){L++;C=1;cout<<endl;continue;}//When Enter:New Line
    	if(P1.pages[L][C]==19){Save(P1);continue;}//Ctrl+S to 
    	if(P1.pages[L][C]==char(27))break;//Esc Exits
     if(P1.pages[L][C]==char(8)){C--;gotoxy(C--,L);cout<<" ";i-=2;if(C==1)C=1;}//when backSpace, do backspace!
    	cout<<P1.pages[L][C]; // Desplay the current letter;
    	i++;// count letters
    	C++; // next position in the array;
    for(int O=0;O<i;O++)//for loop to redispay!
       if(CC==80||P1.pages[LL][CC]==(char)13) {cout<<endl;CC=1;LL++;}
    int Save(struct page X)
    	int CC=1,LL=1;
    	cout<<"Enter File name To save: ";
    	ifstream outptfile(FLN);
    	if (
    	cout<<"Error Opening the file "<<FLN;
    	return -1;
    	for(int M=0;M<i;M++)
     if( (CC==80)||(X.pages[LL][CC]==(char)13) ) //PROBLEM{outptfile<<"\n";CC=1;LL++;}
    	 outptfile.write(X.pages[LL][CC],1); PROBLEM
        return 0;
    please tell me what wrong.

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    nobody wants to answer!!


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    people aren't going to treat that second post of yours very well

    anyway, I would probably pass a pointer to that struct or pass it by reference for one. But that's probably not your problem as doing it the way you are should copy the data. Since I'm too lazy to copy your code over and build it right now, what exactly is the "PROBLEM". You have the comment there but you don't say what happens.
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    I'm sorry for the secund post, I had to sayUP) instead.

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    Thank you Salem.
    but teach me please what will happen if I begin my array from position 1 and not 0 ? that mean if I read it from 1 and write it from 1 ignoring the pos 0?
    the problem happen when I pass the P1 to function, then if I put
    X.pages[LL][CC]// it tells me that incorrect operation on struct although I did the same in main() function?
    thank you for catching my wrongs.

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    you'll overstep the bounds of the array by 1
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