Thread: I need a decent explination.....

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    I need a decent explination.....

    i used the tutorial furnished by the site, but i am still a bit foggy on the whole pointer thing, i mean i get that...

    int x = 5;
    int *ptr;
    ptr = &x;
    *ptr = x;

    i understand that, but what about the importance, and the actually use of this, ( i want to programm a game in c ++ ) i am a tad stuck on these.and what about the pointers passing functions? im a bit confused on that as well

    any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou

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    that little demo is not how you would really use pointers, it's just a quick demo of the different address related syntax. Pointers are used for lots of reasons including passing large pieces of data into a function. You don't want to make copies of the data so you just use the address of the original. Then you can change the values in the original.
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    In the beginning-stage of learning c++ itīs easy to get confused by pointers. My advise is to learn them (syntax) and when you are comfortable with it learn how to implement them. Pointer(s) are used for different kinds of things, for example witout pointer(s) dynamic memory allocation wouldnīt be possible.

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