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    Unhappy help me please

    I'm try to learn how to programe games in visual c++. I've read tutorials on how to but none of them work. I was trying to switch some text mode to 13h mode and it comes up with an error when i try to execute the programe saying cannot read memery 0xfffff or something like that does anyone know how i can get it to work. also how do you pt pixels and line/shapes on the screen.

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    You are trying to impliment code that is obsolete. If you want to do graphics programming in VC++6 use an API such as DirectX, MFC, or Win32. This requires you to use the appropriate project workspace and in addition to this you have to know how to do windows programming. I suggest MFC to play around with. I'm not even sure how to use DirectX but it is apparently the best API for graphics programming.

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