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    Question c+ cadet

    Hi there I am new at this thing I was just wondering when you guys started off how long did it take you to learn this thing tank ya and goodnight

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    Five years for C++ and I'm still learning on a regular basis.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    C++ is a big language compared to, for example, Java.
    After one month you should be able to program quite well, depending on any earlier programming experiences.

    To master advanced template programming, pointer-to-member syntax or multiple inheritance, probably takes a while longer.
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    After one month you should be able to program quite well, depending on any earlier programming experiences.
    True!!! Took me one week to get the hang of the syntax and stuff. and after about a month I was coding quite some big stuff

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    i agree with Sang-drax...
    If you want only to know the basics a couple of weeks is enough, but if you want to get into the detailes, you can never get reach an end, you will always learn something new.

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    13 years and still learning!
    Free the weed!! Class B to class C is not good enough!!
    And the FAQ is here :-

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    It took me a couple of months to work my way through "Teach Yourself C in 21 Days" and "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days". After that I was comfortable with the basics. It's been maybe 3 years of part-time practice and I am NOT an expert yet! I have written a 5000 line C program for work, and I'm bogged-down writing my first "real" C++ Windows program.

    I've never had a job as a programmer (I'm an electronic engineer), but this is my fourth programming language after Fortran (which I remember NONE of), Motorola-Assembly, BASIC, and several special-purpose script-like languages. I've only taken two programming classes, one Fortran and one BASIC.

    If you've never done any programming before, I'd say it would take a couple of weeks just to get the "idea" of what programming is all about.

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    I used to know the basics of Visual Basic, that was a few years ago, when I was still using VB3, but VB5 came out. as far as c++ goes, a little less than a year, and I'm still learning a lot. as far as how long it takes someone, there really isn't a set time period for someone to learn, it really all depends on how much you like to program. your liking will differentiate between whether or not you will learn quickly or slowly. but have fun with it, if you get stuck, there are always people willing to help...

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    on and off for the last 4 years, but alot in the last year and a half. still learning alot

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