Thread: Up to date C++ Book?

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    Up to date C++ Book?

    Hi All,

    It's good to finally find such a good and big community like this one

    My question; I'm a beginner in C++ but i know PHP, ASP, Java(fundamentals). I want to buy a book but i know many are outdated, can you please give me advice on what book to buy?

    I use Dev-C++ as IDE and i want to program core-C++.


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    Accellerated c++ by Andrew Koenig(i think)

    C++ Primer by Stan Lippmann

    C++ How to program by Deitel and Deitel (good for syntax bad for real-world usage)

    Thinking in c++ by Bruce Eckels (available as free e-book 2 volumes from bruce's website.)

    That lot should get you started.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Thanx, i'll dive into it

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