Thread: C++ Data input & variables - please help

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    Unhappy C++ Data input & variables - please help

    Hi. I'm new to C++ and I would really appreciate if someone could help me out with a program I'm writing. I want to write a program that needs to calculate working hours at the workplace.

    1. It should print out prompt "Enter data: " and the user types in four numbers: the hours and then minutes for clocking in followed by the hours and minutes for clocking out in the form "12 30 16 45".

    2. Both input times should be converted to a total number of minutes since midnight. E.g. 01:30 would be represented as 90 minutes.

    3. Calculate result by subtracting these figures to obtain the required time interval in minutes. This should be converted to a number of hours and minutes before printing the result in the format: "4h15" and using 24-hour clock times.


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    Thumbs up Hello!

    Can you post some of your code. Dont forget to use code tags e.g.
    . most people get bent out of shape when this isnt down.
    Let everyone see what you started even if its a few lines giggy.
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    I think you shouldn't just post the whole question, just try to start with it and when you are stuck somewhere, just post it, and we will be more than happy to help you.

    Welcome to this forum.

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    Thanks for your reply guys. Will do as you have requested. In the meantime I have another question.

    I have to write suitable variable declarations and C++ boolean expressions to test the following conditions:

    The value of sex is 'M, m, F, f'.

    I just need to know how to declare these as variables. I'm ok with boolean expressions.

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    You can so the following:
    char sex;
    cin >> sex;
    if ( sex == 's' || sex == 'S' )
    else //you can make other conditions...
    Is this what you need?

    Note: you can also use cin.get() or getch() instead of cin, it's up to you.

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