Thread: number ouput problem...

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    number ouput problem...

    Hello everyone, heres my problem...

    When I enter values into my console app too big, it converts my numbers to things like 9.9e+010, thats for 99000000000. My qiestion is, is theres a variable type that will display that many digits? Or is it not even a matter of variable type? Im currently using long double. Thanks

    edit: heres the code

    #include <iostream.h> using namespace std;
    #include <math.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    int main()
    	long double color1, color2, color3, total, temp, ten, temp2, totalk, tolerance;
    	int color4;
    	cout << "9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999";
    	ten = 10;
    	cout << "First 3 Color Key:" << endl << "Black-0 Brown-1 Red-2 Orange-3 Yellow-4 Green-5" << endl << "Blue-6 Violet-7 Gray-8 White-9 Gold-10 Silver-11" << endl << endl; 
    	cout << "Enter first color: ";
    	cin >> color1;
    	cout << "Enter second color: ";
    	cin >> color2;
    	cout << "Enter third color: ";
    	cin >> color3;
    	cout << "Fourth Color Key: Gold-0 Silver-1 None-2" << endl << endl;
    	cout << "Enter fourth color: ";
    	cin >> color4;
    	cout<< endl;
    	switch (color4)	
       case 0:
    	    tolerance =5;
       case 1:
    	    tolerance = 10;	 
       case 2: 
    	    tolerance = 20;	 
            cout << "Invalid Input for fourth color tolerance value may be wrong." << endl << endl;
    	temp = color1*10+color2;
    	temp2 = pow(ten,color3); 
    	total= temp*temp2;
    	totalk = total/1000;
    	cout << "Your resistor's value is " << total << " or " << totalk<< "k ohm's with a tolerance of +/- " << tolerance << "%." << endl << endl;
    	return 0;
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    I can help over AIM

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    You are outputting all those 9's as a string. Yes, that will show, always. Aside from that I had no problems O.o

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    I think it is the case of the variable... because.. it is long double ... but there can be a method to display it in the other way... as u intended to display
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    the variable total is the one I was having problems with. Ignore the 9's . What type of variable should it be? Thanks

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    the long double is storing the wanted number, and your number is the range of what a long double can take, but it's just outputing it in a different way. It's the same.
    Is that your question.

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    Does anyone know how to output it the normal way? Thanks again for replies!!

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    You may be looking to add cout << setprecision(x); where x = number of decimal places desired. Requires #include <iomanip.h>.

    Your code is non-standard but compiles and executes fine on Borland 5. Just displays a ton of zeroes without setprecision().

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