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    Exclamation File input - with vars

    Hello....I have a quick question:

    How do you open a file for input, using a var.
    eg. I store "" in the var MapFile.
    then I use:

    ifstream File1; (MapFile);

    Why doesn't this work?

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    Is in your local directory? What variable type is MapFile ?

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    Yes the is in the same dir as the project file, and the MapFile is a string...

    When I use

    ifstream File1; ("");

    instead of

    ifstream File1; (MapFile);

    it works fine...

    Also the file is opened in a seperate function:
    from the main() i call


    wich uses the function:

    void LoadMap(string MapFile)
    ifstream File1; (MapFile);

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    It is a string, as defined in cstring.h?

    With this data type, iut will NOT automatically convert to a const char * which is what you need. To get that, you'd need to use;

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