Thread: I still do not understand offset, please give me examples

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    I still do not understand offset, please give me examples

    Okay, I am not jumping the gun on this one, I have been trying to figure out exactly what an offset is. I read it like every other page and I try to figure out what it means but it doesn't ever make sense.

    Can someone give me some examples of an offset? try to explain them as specific as possible


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    Consider an array declared as

    int a[5];

    In memory it looks like a very poor attempt at ascii art (really, it does!)
    |------|  |------|  |------|  |------|  |------|
    | a[0] |  | a[1] |  | a[2] |  | a[3] |  | a[4] |
    |------|  |------|  |------|  |------|  |------|
    The first element, a[0] can be considered the base memory address for the array. To access further elements, you use an offset from that base address:

    int *p = a + 2;

    This pointer now points to a[2] because you took the base address and added the offset of 2 to it, moving the pointer down in memory two spaces the size of an int. This is basically all an offset is, a certain amount of space past a base memory address.

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    Okay that is a very good explanation and thanks for putting the time into the ascii art ( looks good enough and i know it is time consuming)

    seriously though i have never seen that defined in my book, they just assume that i know what it is.

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