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    Input stream

    Hey everyone, how do I make it so when a user enters a string or character when the program is waiting for an integer the program doesn't flip out? I currently have something like:
    while (n!=-1)
    but the program crashes when a letter or string is entered.

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    what is n's decleration?

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    It's declared as an int

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    If cin cannot translate what it finds into the appropriate variable, it enters a fail state. You can check for this. Here is some example code:

    #include <iostream>
    #define expletive "moron"
    using namespace std;
    int main () {
      int n;
      bool nisgood = false;
      while (!nisgood) {
        cin >> n;
        if ( {
          cout << "That was supposed to be a NUMBER, " << expletive << ", now try again";
          //fflush(stdin); // Heh just kidding
          while (getchar() != '\n') {}
        } else nisgood = true;
      return 0;
    You can of course make this more elegant by tidying the error checking method into a tighter loop.
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    forgot quotes around moron
    hello, internet!

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    It wasn't "moron" when I typed it. Thats the beauty of macros...

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