Thread: Copy Constructor crashing program

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    Copy Constructor crashing program

    Hi All,

    Need some help here with a copy constructor. I'm trying to copy a character array instance. Here's what i have so far:

    listType::listType(const listType & init)	// Copy constructor
    	nodeptr temp1, temp2, last;
    	start = NULL;
    	len = 0;
    	temp1 = init.start;
    	if (temp1 != NULL)
        	    start = new ListNodeType;
    	    len = 1;
    	    start->next = start;
    	    (start->info).key = (temp1->info).key;
    	    last = start;
    	    temp1 = temp1->next;			
    	while (temp1 != NULL)
         	    temp2 = new ListNodeType;
                        temp2->next = start;
         	    last->next = temp2;
         	    (temp2->info).key = (temp1->info).key;
         	    last = temp2;
    	    temp1 = temp1->next;
    Here's how I invoke the copy constructor:

    listType list1(list);
    When the copy constructor is invoked my program crashes. Don't know why.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Its hard to tell without knowing more about your list structure. Try narrowing it down, remove the 'if' block followed by the 'while' block - you might be able to pinpoint it a bit closer.
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    Here is the class header file:

    #ifndef LIST_H
    #define LIST_H
    typedef char      keytype;	
    struct infotype					
           keytype      key;				
    struct ListNodeType
           infotype	info;		
           ListNodeType*	next;			
    typedef  ListNodeType*  nodeptr;
    class listType
        public :
            listType(const listType &); // copy constructor
            void remove(nodeptr loc, nodeptr preloc);
            void insert(nodeptr loc, nodeptr preloc, keytype key);
             nodeptr     start;
             int	           len;				
    Hope this helps. Thanks
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    Add breakpoints in every few lines in the copy contructor and determine the line that crashes the program. Post that line.


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    Are you sure that the original list is valid?
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    I'm still learning C++, so I'm not sure if it is possible to do this in a header file...listType(const listType &)...try using this though and see if it helps...

    replace listType(const listType &) with
    listType(const listType & init) in your header file.

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