Thread: Global Vs Local Variables

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    I wouldnt be too confident from just using a few simple examples

    Remeber that the compiler can optimize and make all the difference in simple cases, but if your task becomes complex and more involved, then that optimisation might not be applied....

    Interestingly......I tried FYB's code on VC++6 & Codewarrior 5...

    For VC++6 debug, they were roughly the same with local winning by a little bit,

    For Codewarrior debug, the local took about the same as the local in VC++, but the global was optimised to a count of 0.

    For both compilers, when put into default release mode, they both optimised both to zero.....

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    i suspect in the case i was referring to globals are better simply for ease of use, it's i nthe case of students learning the language. The teacher isn't helping much so I say the hell with passing locals to functions if she won't explain it, i feel sorry for my friend, so I'm still commited to globals in that respect.
    You can always optimize one way or the other later (whichever the case may be in a true speed test)
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    One of my textbooks says that static variables will be faster
    than stack variables.
    But I've read this in a manual to another compiler and from msdn
    I think I'm going with msdn on this one

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