Thread: class, constructors, pointers to functions, need help please

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    Question class, constructors, pointers to functions, need help please

    	Terrance Lynch
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    	November 10, 2002
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class Name
    	const char* GetName() const;
    	char NameInput[513];
    class IntRequest
    	IntRequest(const char *);
    	const int* GetInt() const;
    	int ThePhoneNumber;
    class zipRequest
    	zipRequest(const int *);
    	const int* getZip() const;
    	int theZipCode;
    class testFour
    	testFour(const char *, const int *, const int *);
    int main()
    	Name n1;
    	IntRequest ir1(n1.GetName() );
    	zipRequest zp1(ir1.GetInt() );
    	testFour t4(n1.GetName(), ir1.GetInt(), zp1.getZip() );
    	return 0;
    	cout << "Please enter your name: " << endl;
    	cin.getline(NameInput, sizeof(NameInput));
    const char* Name::GetName() const
    	return NameInput;
    IntRequest::IntRequest(const char *NameInput)
    	cout << NameInput << ", please enter you phone number: " << endl;
    	cin >> ThePhoneNumber;
    const int* IntRequest::GetInt(int) const
    	return ThePhoneNumber;
    	cout << "Please enter your zip code: " << endl;
    	cin >> theZipCode;
    const int* zipRequest::getZip(int) const
    	return theZipCode;
    testFour::testFour(const char *NameInput, const int *ThePhoneNumber, const int *theZipCode)
    	cout << NameInput << ThePhoneNumber << theZipCode << endl;
    I just finished my c class, and now I'm learning c++, and I'm having a little difficulty. Please help, I keep getting three compiler errors I don't understand.

    Thank you

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    >>81: 'IntRequest::GetInt(int) const' is not a member of 'IntRequest'
    You have no member function matching this:
    >const int* IntRequest::GetInt(int) const
    But you do have one of these:
    >const int* GetInt() const;
    Did you mean to include/exclude the int as a parameter? I expect your meant to change line 81 to
    >const int* IntRequest::GetInt() const

    >>87: 'zipRequest::{()' is not a member of 'zipRequest'
    Similar problem to above. You have no function prototype in the class for this function. Try adding zipRequest(); to the public section of the class.

    >>94: 'zipRequest::getZip(int) const' is not a member of 'zipRequest'
    ... and again.

    Remember that the parameters need to match between the function prototype and the function header.

    You may also find some other errors when you fix these, but I'll leave those for you to work on for now
    When all else fails, read the instructions.
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