Thread: Need Help with the time()....Function.

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    Lightbulb Need Help with the time()....Function.

    Hi, what I am having problems with is the “time()” function or my time.h file.
    Basically what I am trying to do is separate part of the displayed date “FRI” and just print the separated part. I tried this:

    1) char *asctime( const struct tm *time); Did not work. .
    2) then char *asctime( const struct tm *time);
    Replacing *time with *tm_mday. Referring to the time.h file.

    A second question??

    below is a small program that I wrote to display the time. The “*/*/” line I put in afterwards and I now get the correct out put. Why do I need this?

    time_t tod_y;

    */*/ time(&tod_y);


    and why do I get the line below when I don’t have that line in?

    Wed Dec 31 19:09:35 1969

    P.S. I all ways get the above output.

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    u should check out what ctime does!?
    ill check if i got time

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