Thread: void pointer and dynamic memory help

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    void pointer and dynamic memory help

    hi im using and writing a 3d game engine with directx 8.1, however i have run into a problem which i cant find a solution to. (this is a simple problem and has nothing to do with directx or 3d graphics theory)

    this is my problem, i have a void pointer which is initalized to be an array of 4 structs, however depending on the flow of the program it is not always intialized into the same type.

    this is an example:

    //the vertex pointer whos type is set by eather having lighting or not
    void * vertices;

    //if there is lighting
    //define vertex type for light
    reinterpret_cast <VertexLitTex *> ( vertices) = new VertexLitTex[ 4 ];

    //if there is no lighting
    //no normals are needed
    reinterpret_cast <VertexTex *> ( vertices ) = new VertexTex[ 4 ];

    then later on in the constructor i go on to set the values of the structs, it must be done this way. this is where i get the problem
    the error is: "error C2106: '=' : left operand must be l-value".
    i know what the problem is and what is wrong, i just dont know the solution.

    what i want to say is basicly this:
    vertices[ 0 ].x = -half_height;
    vertices[ 0 ].y = half_height;
    i have tried this and other varients but they all yield the same error:

    reinterpret_cast <VertexLitTex *> ( vertices[ 0 ].x &nbsp = half_height;

    thank you for your time,
    your help is greatly appreciated!

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    I can think of one way to solve the problem...

    Create a base class Vertex, and derive VertexTex and VertexLitTex from it... then instead of using a void * you can use a Vertex *. The use a dynamic_cast<> one you determine which class you'll need to use.

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    thank you man,
    i never thought about that,
    i will try it.

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    i have thought about that, and i dont belive it will work. because it "downcasts" a Vertex class to a VertexLitTex class, because VertexLitTex is the derived class from Vertex:
    class Vertex
         float x, y, z;
         DWORD color;
    class VertexLitTex : public Vertex
         float nx, ny, nz;  //vertex normals
         float u, v;           //texture coords

    well time is my enemy here, this projects deadline is fastly approching, so i belive i will just make two arrays and use wichever. -its dirty but it will do the job

    thanks again man

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