Thread: Can I make istream_iterator<unsigned char> not skip spaces?

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    Can I make istream_iterator<unsigned char> not skip spaces?

    Basically that, I am trying to to some stream manipulation,and I would like to be able to use the iterator classes provided, but I need to be able to work with the spaces, tabs, and newlines as well.

    Does anyone know how this can be done?

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    One solution is istreambuf_iterator.


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    Could you elaborate? I can't seem to get istreambuf_iterator to work, it gives errors about converting the argument to the constructor from a basic_streambuf to an istreambuf_iterator and more troubles about bad arguments to algorithms.

    I've got my program almost the way I like it, it is basically a one pass stream editor (like sed) but using C++ objects and the only problem is that it strips out all the spaces when it works over a stream.

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    Got it!!!!

    Stupid, stupid stupid...

    Forgot about instream.unsetf(ios::skipws);

    /bangs head against nearby wall

    Ow my head

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