Thread: VC++ Intro edition.

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    VC++ Intro edition.

    I got Deitel and Deitel's C++ How to Program book for Programming classat my school and it comes with an "Introductory" version of VC++. Since it's free, I assume there are limitations. What are these limitations? I just want to know if it can compile DLL's so I can make a modification for Half-Life.

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    I think you can do what ever you want unless you're dustributing anything that would lower the business of their product or making money off of their product. It should also come with documentation about that. If it doesn't, it's probably already illegal.

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    I'm sure it lacks a lot of stuff the Enterprise edition has, but the main thing is that you can't build a distribution release. It won't let you.

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    i have the intro puts up this annoying popup when you run an exe made with it...and im sure it has deprived features (code optomizing...etc), and i know you cant sell your stuff made with it...not sure what else though.

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    Hmm. Seems the Deitel CD is acting up and freezing my computer. Is here any place I can download the intro edition?

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