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    Question advice and possibly guidance

    well heya everyone. I'm kinda new to this place and also kinda new to C++ language.

    well i've been required by my college to do a final year project(individually)

    since i'm doing a computing degree(specialization multimedia)

    i was thinkin of doing an interactive system(edutainment software) with the usage of lingo. But then again my supervisor told me if i wanna get a 1st class hon. degree in computing why dont u incoperate with C++ or Java.

    I need your guidance and advice to help me out on what should i do to start off or maybe some key important stuffs that i really need to look at.

    possibly you guys can recommend some books or watsoever since i'm only a beginner

    well sorry for my english....

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    I assume that this is the final project for THIS year, not your final year in college. (?)

    I'd say it would be hard to write a really good C++ program if you are a beginner. For your final project, you will need to show what you've learned. So, use the programming languages you've been studying in class, or the one you are best at! If this is not your last year, you may not need a "really good" (commercial quality) program.

    I would expect someone with a "computing degree" to know C++, but maybe this is not part of your "multimedia degree".

    My favorite books are "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days", and "Programming Windows" by Charels Petzold. (Don't buy the Petzold book until you're comfortable with C / C++).

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    For general C++ startup, go to (the main site) and read the 10 or so tutorials.

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    Unhappy sigh...

    well eventually it is my final year project for my final year in in other words i'm really in a tight spot...hahahah....

    although im taking a computing course...they never tought me C++ but instead C....if im not mistaken theres not much difference between C and C++ right...

    but oh well i might as well get my butt up and running since i got only 7 months


    anyway thanks guys...

    if u got any more references or advices i would be appreciated....

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