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    Unhappy Project Menu Function output

    Ive been given a project to complete, i have been supplied with basic code and a menu system and must work around this to complete the task. I do understand the concepts of the class system and I find the problem im having quite trivial but its driving me crazy. Unfortunately because im at a loss ill have to supply anyone who is kind enough to help me with the complete project and they can run it through to see my problem.

    My problem id as follows.

    When the project is run you get a menu appear, when you select add current account it prompts the user for 4 details;

    1. Their account number
    2. Their name
    3. The opening balance of the account
    4. Their overdraft limit.

    The problem i have is i cannot see anywhere in the project files these attributes or the 'cout' calls and so cannot pass them into my class functions/getters to set the information. If anyone could tell me where they out to me or at least tell me their names so i can call them to my classes.

    I realise im using a shotgun methods here to solve it but im at my wits end.

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