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    Linked Lists imitation

    Hey all,
    How are all of you? I need you guys to help me out with a problem with my project that I am having. I am supposed to do a mock version of a linked list. I have three array of sixteen elements a class mylist like so...
    class mylist {
      int front;
      int back;
    This is my header file that I am using:

    #define MYNULL (-1)
    // this is the memory for you to manage
    #define MSIZE  16
    static int prevlink[MSIZE];//prevlink has an array of 16 elements
    static char content[MSIZE];//content has an array of 16 elements 
    static int nextlink[MSIZE];//nextlink has an array of 16 elements
    For those of you familar with linked lists, please help me with the following:
    I need to count what the size of the list is. This is what I have so far:
    // count the size of the link
    int mysize(mylist &list)
      // go to list's front
      int i = list.front;
      // traverse the list by going to next link while nextlink != MYNULL
      int count = 0;
      //int *nextlink[i];
      while(i != MYNULL){
        // interate into next nextlink[i]
        i = *nextlink[i];
        // increment count;
      return count;
    Basically my code tells to look at the location at the top of the list and traverse the list by using the nextlink array until you reach a (-1), MYNULL in the array which will stop the count. Meanwhile, increment count and at the end return count. The error message that I am having deals with the
    i = *nexlink[i];
    Please help. Thank you.

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    Never mind

    Thanks guys but I got it... I just had to remove the pointer sign... where is my mind today?

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