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    String Class

    I'm working with the String Class and I'm trying to get my program so that when you inpute a word it will outpute it in reverserse. ie. Test will cout tseT.

    I can get it to work for the one word but I need to get it to work for a variety of words. To display each of the letters I use

    First = Word.length()-1;
    Next = Word.length()-2;
    To take the certain letter in a certain position and then
    cout << Word.substr(First,Length);
    cout << Word.substr(Next,1);
    to outpute the last and next letters (t and s).

    What I am trying to do is create some sort of a loop that will first output what I have and then subtract one and then output again. I've tried a for loop, do while, and while. They didn't seem to work but I think its just cause I didn't use either of them right. I believe it would be a for loop, but if anyone can help me out and give me some clue on the loop that is all I need. I know where to place it and all.


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    You can either use a for loop or STL reverse -

    #include <iostream> 
    #include <string>
    #include <algorithm>	//for std::reverse
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	string name = "zen";
    	int nLength=name.length();
    	for(int i=nLength-1;i>=0;i--)
    		cout << name[i];
    	cout << endl;
    	// ...or using std::reverse
    	cout << name << endl;
    	return 0;

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