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    Question Editing program

    I telnet to my school computers in order to work on my programs. On campus they use linux and when i work on my code it is in color. They have this editor program, that has mouse capibilities. I current use telnet and/or SSH shell, i was wondering if there was anything eles that at least puts my code in color while i work on it. It makes it a lot easier to use. Thanks

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    I believe the Borland Compiler works in color coded ways. Not sure which version might be all. Check it out.

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    Well, i have my code saved on my school account. I need to telnet into my account, but i want to be able to see color when i'm sitting at home working on my program. I can use vim through telnet, but it's not in color. Any suggestions?

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    vim has color, you have to type this:

    :syntax enable
    in the command entry thingy (ie NOT in insert mode)

    If you are running PuTTY or some other windows app to telnet thats about as far as you can go.

    If, alternatively, you are running a decent OS at home, you can use ssh and X forwarding to use X apps off of the schools servers from home, if you want to use xcoral, xemacs, KDevel or something like that.

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