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    Exclamation Help with 2 dimensional arrays

    I need to make a 2 dimensional array of Restaurant names (as rows) and Reviewer names (as columns). But instead of just saying something like "enum Restaurant(burger king, harvey's, ect)" I have to make it so the user can create the names when asked

    Example from question:

    1. Add a Restaurant
    2. Add a Reviewer
    3. Add a Review Rating (in *'s)
    4. ....ect

    For 1 or 2, ask the user to enter the name, then if it does not already exist enter it in the appropriate array and set the corresponding row or column of the 2D array to zero."

    Not sure how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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    Seems u have the algorithm all laid out, try writing some psudo code so that you can see exactly what parts you are stuck on.

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