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    Can any one give an example of a switch?

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    int number;
          case 1:    DoSomething();
          case 2:   DoSomethingElse();
          case 666: DoEndOfWorld();
          default: cout<<"Not Valid";
    if number is 1 the DoSomething will be called. if number is 2 then DoSomethingElse will be called followed by DoEndOfWorld. if number is 666 then DoEndOfWorld is called. If number is anything else "not valid" gets printed.
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    I assume that you're talking about switch statements.
    #include <iostream>
    using std::cout;
    using std::cin;
    int main()
        int x;
        cout << "Enter a number from 1 - 5 : ";
        cin >> x;
        switch( x )
              case 1:   cout << "\nYou are dumb!"; break;
              case 2:   cout << "\nYou are average!"; break;
              case 3:   cout << "\nYou are clever!"; break;
              case 4:   cout << "\nYou are very clever!"; break;
              case 5:   cout << "\nYou are a genius!"; break;
              default:  cout << "\nYou are really dumb!"; break;
        return 0;
    The keyword break must be included if you want to "break" out of the switch statement. If a number is entered that is not in the range 1-5, then the default statement is executed.

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