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    Hey guys i just wanted to know that C++ how to programm 4/e by Deitel is it a good book to learn C++ from ..I have a good knowlage of C ...If not i would really like a series e.d like C++ and advance C++ from the same author and both the books are good ..

    Help me out i just want to get the best books for C++ and yeah do include some extras like after i finish with the basics what should i read after that Datastructures???

    Thanks alot

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    I actually have two books. One is great and really complicated but the other is humongous and easy.

    Accelarated C++ by Barabara E. Moo and Andrew Koenig
    // hard one

    Object Oriented Programming in C++ By Rabort Lafore
    //easy one

    I highly recommend Accelarated c++ and so do many people around here that i have seen.
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    Deitel and Deitel do not have an advanced C++ book as of yet. There are however many data structure books you should look at next.

    IMHO the Deitel C++ 4th ed. is not as good as its previous editions. They cut back on stuff like templates and operator overloading and added a web chapter.

    the Lafore book is the C++ text we currently use at my college.

    The recommended CS curricula for learning to program is CS1 CS2 and CS7 (which is basically data structures)
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    I have the Deitel & Deitel C++ How to program 3E,
    I like this book because it's more academic, and it works like a refrence, I don't like the learn in X days type of books...

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