Thread: draw a scatter plot?

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    draw a scatter plot?

    I am interested in writing a program that draws several scatter plots, (x vs. y with the axis etc.) I already have the program written to generate the data in arrays lets call them x1[], y1[], y2[]. What I would like to do is have the output go to several windows. For example 16 windows each with 16 sets of data plotted. I need some help with how I would set up a scatter plot in a graphical window in the first place, and generating multiple graphics windows. Thanks in advance,


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    Im actually working in OSX, but Im trying to develop across platforms. I was looking for information on opening multiple graphics windows that is general to C++ and not specific to windows, mac, etc. I can only find information that is specific to my compiler/platform. If I am stuck with operating specifically with one compiler/platform to open multiple windows, Id appreciate any information that anyone could shed on the OSX/CodeWarrior platform. I am going to stick with OSX for most of the work because my routine runs about 3x faster on the G4 (90 seconds on my mac laptop versus ~5 minutes on my desktop PC, both ~550 MHz).

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