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    disable user break

    I am writing a program in which I want to disable the "ctrl c" user break. One idea that I have is to call a second exe that recalls the firs if the proper value is not returned (e.i. if they break then the exe will run again). I read the FAQ about calling an exe from within another exe, but I don't know if this disables the user break. Also, I don't know if there is perhaps a better way do accomplish this end.

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    For what reason do you want to disable that? It's not fun to pull the plug if your program hangs .

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    In CodeWarrior, there's an option that makes the program throw a catch-able exception when the user presses Ctrl+C.
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    other options

    The only programming software that I have access to is Borland Turbo 5.0. Also, I don't necessarily want to capture the input <ctrl+break>, rather, I think that if I nest a program then <ctrl+break> will kill the inner program and the outer program would rerun the inner prog if the data in a certain file is not what it should be (e.i. if inner prog was killed before it finished). The purpose if to create a password program (not for the sake of security, but for the sake of programming) that the user could not <ctrl+break> out of. The next hurdle is to find a file that is accessed even when booting from a disk or in safe mode. This is merely a programming exercise so I don't need to get too involved...


    PS it should be simple enough that hangs won't be a problem

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