Thread: How to check duplicate line in text file?

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    Smile How to check duplicate line in text file?

    I want to chek duplicate line in text file


    If in "1.txt" has this data inside

    This above text file has duplicate line


    I want to write proram to check duplicate line.
    Do you know how to do that? (Now I can use CStdioFile (ReadString, WriteString) and show Messagebox but not have idea to do that.)

    Thank you for your answer.

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    I want to show message box which display message duplicate or not duplicate.

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    first, in the future, you may not want to ask if we know how to do it, as some smart alec will just post a "yes" for you. It could be rephrased "could someone help walk me through finding out how to do it" etc. Prelude posted a (really good) article/thread in the FAQ forum, and if you follow the rules/examples laid out in there, you will probably need a personal secretary to filter the incoming help (exagerating, but you get the point).

    Now, to the question. YOu could store them all in an STL containor, and use one of the functions there (i forget what it is, sorry) to delete all replica lines, or you could use another one to replace them all. Sorry that i can't explain exactly how to do this too well, but i believe others could help you should you want to take this road.
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    A binary tree sounds like it might do the trick....
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