Thread: What book should I read next???

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    What book should I read next???

    Hi, all! I have just been finishing reading "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days" and I wonder which next book would be appropriate to read? Ive been looking around and have "found" 3 three interesting books, "The C++ Programming Language, by Straoustrup", "Effective C++, by Scott Meyers", and "C++ Primer, by Lippman".
    Have someone read one of theese books? If yes please tell me what you think about it?
    Im lookning for a reference book and an "advanced" book on C++.
    Any suggestions???

    Thx in advance!

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    If you want and advanced C++ book then Stroustrup's the one you want - but it can be pretty heavy going at times so unless you've got a firm grasp of the basics then I'd look elsewhere.

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    Effective c++ should be next..... It will stop you getting into too many bad habits early on... Its a fantastic book. The stroustrop book is hard going and best left until last.
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    You should get 'C++ Primer' next by Lippman and Lajoie. You can also get an anser book for it, 'C++ Primer Answer Book'. This book always recieves top reviews. It is indeed more advanced than '.. 21 days'.

    Than afterward get 'The C++ Programming Language'. and the definition IEC/ISO at online store.

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    Don't doubt the posts above. I have been taking a class, and on the side reading Stroustrup. It is kicking my butt.

    I've picked up a few concepts from it, but mostly it is just over my head still. (I'm not the brightest mind you but I'm not a complete rock)

    I like the Deitel text C++: How to Program. But I learned Java from their book too so I am used to how they do things.
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    The Complete Reference C++ by Herb Schildt

    a great book by a member of the standardization commitee

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    I got C++ in Plain English second. It's an excellent book not only for reference, but also for going-over what you've learned in the other book and learning some more. I learned most of what i know about streams from C++iPE.

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