Thread: How do you organize your code

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    How do you organize your code

    I am finally getting to the point where I am writing so much code it cannot possibly be contained in one .cpp file. I don't know for sure how things are supposed to be set up. I am trying to have a .h file that declares my classes and functions, and then have a .cpp file that includes all of the implementations of thsoe defined in the header. Also in the header, I am putting all of the other includes that are necessary to the project, i.e vector, conio, fstream, etc.

    Is there anything I am missing here?

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    I dont have my book in front of me but im sure if you would just read up a lil you would gain comfidence that your organized enough, try and search for c++ code organization

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    For larger projects I usually place one class in each file (with a header file each), have one file for your own datatypes (typedef:ed things), one for definitions/macros and of course one for my main function + eventual smaller functions.

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    Can some of you recommend a book with at least a chapter or two covering this subject?

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    Can't recommend a book, but Magos does what I do. Put every class in its own .h and .cpp pair of files. This, i think, helps tp stay in an object oriented way of thinking about your application and it's objects.

    CPlayer class has: Player.h and Player.cpp
    CChess class has: Chess.h and Chess.cpp


    Give this a try and see if you find your large projects become more managable.
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    Jesse Liberty's C++ in 21 days explains this very well.

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    remember, don't compile your .h files

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