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Thread: Rate my program

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    Rate my program

    Hey all! This is my newest program. I wrote it only to test some things out, but it turned into something that i have referred to and expanded upon. It has some cool features, including arrow key codes, getche() codes, and char to binary/char to hex. Let me know how you like it and how useful you find it!


    (P.S. I also saved a copy to C:\WINDOWS\ so i could use it anytime in DOS )
    GCC on Red Hat 8.1 (Primary)
    GCC on Mac OS X 10.2.4 (Secondary)

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    I lurk
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    Aug 2002
    Well, it's MUCH more robust than I originally expected... good work.

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    S Sang-drax's Avatar
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    May 2002
    Göteborg, Sweden
    Could be useful, I guess.
    The numlock feature didn't work for me though; nothing happens.
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    It was just boredom work, and a useful reference while making my RPG.

    Sang-drax: did you turn off num lock while using the Num Pad function?
    GCC on Red Hat 8.1 (Primary)
    GCC on Mac OS X 10.2.4 (Secondary)

    MinGW on XP

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