Thread: HELP!!! parameters of funtion???????

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    HELP!!! parameters of funtion???????

    we have our function with the needed pararments, but we dont' know what is wrong with it. When it complies it gives us this message: parse error before `.' and that the varibles are not declcared. Here is the first line of our function:

    int moveDown(int j, int i, Program program_ptr[][].count, Channel channel_ptr[].channel_name, Channel channel_ptr[].channel_name, Program program_ptr[][].show_name)

    Can anyone help. Program and Channel are struct's.

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    You need to use the type as parameters, not the variable you intend to pass to the function.

    int moveDown(int j, int i, int count, char *name, char *channel_name, char *show_name)

    I guessed at the types, they could be different.

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    And if that doesn't work still, i'm pretty sure you need to specify the size in the 2 dimensional array ONLY IN THE SECOND []. Hope that helps

    Mike Veilleux

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