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    #ifndef WORDUTILS_H
    #define WORDUTILS_H

    #include <string>

    std::string lowercase (const std::string& s);
    // Converts all upper-case alphabetic characters in s to the
    // corresponding lowercase characters.
    // Example: lowercase("ABcdE?") should return "abcde?"

    std::string stem (const std::string& word);
    // Tries to guess the stem form of an English word by applying
    // the following rules: (# and % stand for any consonant, and
    // @ for any vowel [aeiou].
    // If word ends in: replace it by: example:
    // ies y flies => fly
    // ied y carried => carry
    // ier y merrier => merry
    // iest y merriest => merry
    // ##ed # hitted => hit
    // ##ing # hitting => hit
    // ##er # hitter => hit
    // ##est # hottest => hot
    // %@#ed %@#e glided => glide
    // %@#ing %@#e gliding => glide
    // %@#er %@#e glider => glide
    // %@#est %@#e palest => pale
    // #ed # barked => bark
    // #ing # boiling => boil
    // #er # colder => cold
    // #est # coldest => cold
    // #s # things => thing
    // If none of the above rules apply, then the word is assumed to be already
    // in its stem form. This function returns the stem that it guesses.
    // [Note that these really are guesses - it isn't hard to find words on which
    // these rules fail. E.g., "pies"]

    //New functions

    collectMisspelledWords (/* inputs */ targetFile, dictionaryFile,
    /* outputs */ misspellings)
    read dictionaryFile into dictionary;
    open targetFile;
    misspellings = empty;
    while more words in targetFile {
    read word w from targetFile;
    w = LOWERCASE(w);
    if ((w is not in dictionary) &&
    (STEM(w) is not in dictionary))
    add w to misspellings;
    close targetFile;

    The two functions capitalized are new. I am trying to write the bodies for the two string manipulation functions, as declared in the wordutils.h. The two functions should work entirely through the std::string interface - no character arrays.

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    So? What's the problem?
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    look in your compiler's help section. I believe the STL string class comes equipped with a member function to convert to upper or lower case as desired. If not, the cstring header file (or string.h) should contain the toupper() and tolower() functions so you can convert each char in the string to upper() or lower() cases one at a time.

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    oops, I need help with writting the body of the 2 new functions without using character arrays.
    Thanks again

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    Do you have code trying to do what is required ?

    What were your specific problems with this assignments ?

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    no character arrays

    I am trying to write the code to return the lower case character. Using an array would be great but I cannot. I am trying to work with the islower function. But do I need to write a line of code for every letter? Cout << "islower:\n" << ( islower ('a') ? " a is a " : "a is not a" )
    << " lowercase letter\n"
    cout << "nl converted to lowercase is "
    <<static _cast < char > ( tolower ( 'n' ))

    No clue where to start on the stem code

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    I'm not sure but I think this will get you started.

    #include "stdafx.h"
    char toUpper( char ch );
    int main() { 
    	char c = toUpper( 'a' );
    	return 0; 
    } // end
    char toUpper( char ch )
    	if( ch > 96 && ch < 122 )//acii values for a to z
    		ch -= 32;// subtract 32 if from a to z becomes uppercase
    	return ch;

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