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    You have a point there, Sang-Drax (what does Sang-Drax mean anyway? ).

    I think I will stick with the << operators, which will make my String object function like cout and other stream objects.

    Still sux that you need to clear it though...
    int Age = 21;
    String str("Nada!");
    str << "I am " << Age << " years old!";
    BTW: How do you use methods to be called in this way?
    (like cout << endl; )

    I tried str << Clear, but that didn't work.
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    You'll have to create a manipulator. You can either create a user defined manipulator by using the implementation defined smanip structure (in iomanip), or create a flag that'll enable your operator << to establish whether your string needs clearing. Something like -

     #include <string>
    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    struct my_string
    	string s;
    	enum clear { not_clear = 0, to_clear = 1 };
    	my_string(char* p){s=p;}
    	//Obtain unique index for flag
    	static long& my_clear_flag(std::ios_base& s) 
    		//Ensure that calling clear is for the correct
    		//instance using static member xalloc
      		static int my_index = std::ios_base::xalloc();
    		return s.iword(my_index);
    	static clear get_clear(std::ios_base& s)
    		return (clear) my_clear_flag(s);
    	static void set_clear(std::ios_base& s)
    		my_clear_flag(s) = ~get_clear(s);
    	friend ostream& operator<<(ostream& os, my_string& m)
    		return os<<m.s;
    	void SetString(char* c)
    		s = c;
    //the iostream manipulator
    std::ostream& Clear(std::ostream& os)
    	return os;
    int main()
        my_string m("Joe");
    	cout << m << Clear <<  m;
    	cout << m;
        return 0;

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