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    Struct problems

    This is supposed to return the sum of inches and feet within strucst. Why won't this work? *Attempting to return a reference to local variable "tempDist"* error

    englishDist &operator +(englishDist distances1, englishDist distances2){
    	englishDist tempDist;
    	double feet = distances1.feet + distances2.feet,
    		   inches = distances1.inches + distances2.inches;
    	double temp = fmod(inches, 12.0);
    	tempDist.feet = int(feet + ((inches - temp) / 12.0));
    	tempDist.inches = temp;
    	return tempDist;
    } //end englishDist &operator +

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    Exactly what the message says. You can't return a reference to a local object, since it goes out of scope when the function ends.

    Either return the object itself instead of a referense to it, or declare the local object as static (but this can have weird side effects if you call this function multiple times).

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    I try both those methods and I get garbled data

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