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    access denied

    Evening folks.

    I have a bit of a problem debuging a linker error. Actually I have no idea where to begin.

    This is the info the compiler throws at me :
    Line = 'Cannot open output file test.exe'
    unit : c:\dev-cpp\mingw32\bin\ld.exe
    messge : permission denied

    Btw, using Dev-c++ 5.0 on win98

    please be gentel, Im a novice.

    Appreciate any response.

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    Close your program before recompiling it.

    Otherwise check that test.exe is writeable: Is it readonly? Do you have harddrive space? etc.
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    Also security settings set by some dumb administrators on a network can cause this, are you on a network?

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    You may also find that the program is just continually looping in the background...try CTR-ALT-DEL and see if its still running

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    Well what I did was try to delete test.exe but windows wouldnt allow me, telling me the file was still in us even though I'd closed all programs. So I booted into dos mode and delete test.exe, booted back into windows and no more access denied. Have no idea why this happend but glad it fixed. Thanks for the response.

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