Thread: Help with ifstream read plz

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    Question Help with ifstream read plz

    I have written to a binary file using the following
    m_fpFileOut.write((char *) &m_wHeader,sizeof(trUInt16));
    m_fpFileOut.write((char *) &m_kDate.m_bDay,sizeof(trUInt8));
    m_fpFileOut.write((char *) &m_kDate.m_bMonth,sizeof(trUInt8));
    m_fpFileOut.write((char *) &m_kDate.m_wYear,sizeof(trUInt16));
    The file looks like what I expect but when I try to read in the file using:
    Code: *) &m_wHeader,sizeof(trUInt16)); *) &m_kDate.m_bDay,sizeof(trUInt8)); *) &m_kDate.m_bMonth,sizeof(trUInt8)); *) &m_kDate.m_wYear,sizeof(trUInt16));
    m_wHeader get populated correctly but the others remain at the values that I initialized them with.

    Any ideas ?



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    Angry Got it

    I had a failure earlier on when trying to open files and the fial bit was set. Forgot to reset it.

    4 hours of my life waisted. DOH !!!

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    Re: Got it

    >>4 hours of my life waisted. DOH !!!
    Only 4 hours... that's not too bad
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