Thread: Weird error when running program

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    Weird error when running program

    When I goto run the program, a windows error message pops up saying the following:

    The instruction at "0x00404fc9" referenced memory at "0xcccccccccb." The memory could not be "read".

    What does it mean "The memory could not be 'read"??

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    It's funny, because when I switch to a small sized file with less words, it works - the error message doesn't pop up. It happens when I use the bigger file with something on the order of 60000 words in it.

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    Show some code that's doing this work where you might think its crashing.
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    funny you should say that but i get these errors everyday since upgrading xp and ie to service pack 1. IE was fine before that now it crashes all the time! Just goes to show microsoft cant get anything right not even at their 100th attempt!
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