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    Help with loop

    How do i get this to loop out distance traveled per hour.
    void main (void)
    	float speed;
    	float time;
    	float distance;
    	cout <<"Enter the speed of the train in miles per hour: "<<endl;
    	cin >>speed;
    		if (speed <0)
    		{	cout <<"Please enter a positive number for speed"<<endl;
    			cin >>speed;
    	cout <<"Enter the hours the train has traveled: "<<endl;
    	cin >>time;
    		if (time <1)
    		{	cout <<"Please enter a time greater than zero: "<<endl;
    			cin >>time;
    		distance = time * speed;
    		if speed >0
    		cout <<distance;

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    This is not Java. Do not use 'void main'. We will all hunt you down and flame you to ash if you do.

    You have three loops:
    for( initialization = something; test_something; increment_something )
    while( something_is_somevalue )
    while( something_is_somevalue );
    Pick one and come back when you're stuck again.

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    I'm not sure if i folllow
    the user is to input the speed(mph) of a train and the hours traveled.
    then i need to use a loop to show the distance the train has traveled for each hour.

    so if the user entered 40 mph for 3 hours, using the formula distance =time * speed, is 120 miles
    so my output would be:

    1 - 40 miles
    2 - 80 miles
    3 - 120 miles

    i can't figure a way to have the loop output each hour

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    for (int i = 0; i < NumOfHours; i++)
        /* Do something for each hour here, maybe cout something? */
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    How about a loop like this

    int x;
    for (x=0;x<time;x++)
         cout << "Distance travelled at hour: " <<x<<"\t"<< (speed*x);
    Now of course that will give you one less result than you require, but I'm sure you can fix that. And your total distance calculation becomes a bit redundant. If you were going to make the program a bit more versatile, then you'd need to change the structure slightly.

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