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    world clock

    I had posted a question regarding a clock program earlier today 23-10-2002 (Please Help with progam)

    Following this I want to create a world clock with five world city times. I know I will use inheritance to create a base class and then derive the rest of the clocks from this. Now the important factor is the dispalying of the time. I am stuck in the part which is polymorphism (I am right I hope).

    //my basic pseudo code

    class clock{
    virtual void show_time();

    class NewYorkClock : clock{
    void show_time();


    and so on ... for the other cities

    I need help to display the times for the 5 cities using the base class' show_time() function. And I was hoping anyone could provide me with perhaps a link or any assistance on how to achive this using polymorphism.

    Thanks again.

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    try this ...

    ...viewlexx - julie lexx

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