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    Question Stopping IE Pop-Up Windows

    I have searched this site, and it seems everyone suggests getting 3rd party tools to stop browser pop-ups.

    I would like to know how to create a program to stop browser pop-ups. What would the code need to be to keep a site from launching a new browser window?

    Anybody know how?


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    I think you would need ActiveX for Internet Explorer (IE) and a plugin for Netscape.

    The design of your program would maybe just stop the request for the new page or a more sophisticated approach would be to alter the javascript on the page, i.e. disable the open new page function.

    Or, instead of programming something new just buy the software that's already made or just press Ctrl-W, Alt-F4, or Esc to stop the page from loading.
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    or use Mozilla which has this feature and more built-in.

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