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    Unhappy changing cout output

    Im proggramming (trying to at least =-P) a console game using some of the console buffer commands that can be used for multiple output buffers and colors. The problem is that cout uses some other output system and will not work after pages have been flipped (even flipped back to). So far I understand how to change cout to a filebuf or some other ostream derivative. What I would like to know is at what part in the buffering does cout send its input to the screen so that it can be redefined to the different screen routines. anyway Ill give some code if asked and my e-mail is .

    oh btw if this has already been asked and answered I appologize. I looked but found nothing so if it is just point me in the right direction

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    Hmmm, Iīm not trying to put you down but please read the post and repost (on the same thread). And as always donīt forget to read which I assume you have already read

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