Thread: What may be wrong with connection?

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    What may be wrong with connection?

    Hi, Breekan again. I finished my chat program. It will not only log your chats if you want but it can pass screenames you choose as well. There are still a few *minor* bugs but I must ask this:

    Why is it, that even with the correct IP/hostname, there is no connection? Sometimes it can resolve the address and other times it cannot. It bothers me that most of the time it won't find the address/IP/etc. However, running the program twice and connecting to your own IP works (chat with yourself? hah).

    However, if anyone is willing, would they be able to explain why this is? What further must I add to get my program to CONNECT?

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    are you using port numbers???
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    const int PORT = 3163;

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    What are you passing to FindHost? Leave out the "http:\\". And more specifically, describe exactly what is happening. When does it find the host, and when not?
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    I don't know...

    I sent you an Email with a link to my program if you would like to see how it works

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    Did you get my Email?

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