Thread: Please help with program

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    Please help with program

    A twelve hour clock; stores hours, minutes, seconds, AM or PM. Intitial hours, mins, secs are 0 by default. User is requested for the entries. Then the clock is advanced by seconds one by one.

    The user is given a statement to stop the clock such as "press a key to stop clock", then once the user has hit a key, the clock stops 'ticking' and is displayed to the user with the delay added.

    I was hoping that anyone could provide me with a *simple* solution (i.e. only with classes, concrete data types and basic c++) , I posted mine earlier but it was'nt that good. Any help will be appreciated.


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    just one class is needed...

    class clock{
    int hrs;
    int mins;
    int secs;

    bool DN = 0; // Day or Night - 0 for day, 1 night AM/PM

    function print(){
    //where you cout>> statement

    //invoke the class

    //Create loop to continuosly update and print out time

    Obviously this is just psuedo code but should help if you're having trouble with design.
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    Do mean something like a timer?!

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    Thanks for the help ... I know how to make my original code even cleaner than before. Woohoo! thanks everyone.

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