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    stack trouble

    here is what I have and it is giving me errors:

    struct student_info
    int time;
    string last_name;
    string first_name;
    int course_number;
    int college_number;
    };//end struct composition

    stack<student_info> coordinator_in;
    student_info student;

    when i try to use it, it gives me this error:
    'struct main::student_info' : types with no linkage cannot be used as template arguments

    when i change the stack to something like stack<int> i have no plroblems. i have included stack as well.

    any suggestions?

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    Declare the struct in a global scope (not inside main() or any other function).

    If it already is, buy/download a new compiler.
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    Sang-drax is exactly on the money.

    Borland puts out a slightly more descriptive error message.

    "Template argument cannot have static or local linkage."

    Declaring the struct in the global scope takes care of the problem. (I tried it. )

    Nice call, Sang-drax.

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    thanks so much guys, you took my headaches away!


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