Thread: increasing prob with randoms

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    increasing prob with randoms

    Hi, I need to be pointed towards the correct way to express,
    a greater percent chance of something happending.
    For example:

    a and b are playing cards and a has a 60% chance of winning.
    and the wins are generated by rand.(got that part) it's just
    the percentages

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    One easy way is to generate random numbers from 1-100. Anything from 1-60 inclusive would mean a wins, and anything else means b wins.
    Try not.
    Do or do not.
    There is no try.

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    The random number will always be random, so you need to make the condition like what Cshot said...

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    i neeed something
    a little more specific
    i thought i could do something like this:

    using namespace std;
    		//function prototype
    			int pp (int);
    			int score = 0;
    		void main()
    			ofstream outfile("A:\\0F1017_6_2.txt"); 
    				cerr << "Cannot open output file" << endl; 
    			srand((unsigned) time(0));
    			int a = 0(.56);
    			int b = 0(.44);
    			int aa = 0;
    			int bb = 0;
    where i assigned the percentages to a and b.
    it seems to work....
    what do you think?

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