Thread: Polymorphism/Inheritance/virtual function problem?

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    Originally posted by JasonLikesJava
    Without foo() being virtual in class C won't it execute the function in C and not "go through" to D?
    No....if its virtual in the base, it stays virtual for the can label each redefinition as a virtual to remind yourself, but its not compulsary

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    Aggghh.... all that for nothing.

    The code giving me problems should have been:

    B*b = new B;
    A *a = (A*)b;
    a->foo(); //crashes the program

    So to fix it I had to first cast into D and then to A

    B*b = new B;
    A *a = (A*)((D*)b);
    a->foo(); //all better

    I noticed it when I used static_cast and gcc gave me a compile error saying it was an invalid cast.

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