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    Originally posted by Sebastiani
    Arrays come to mind...
    Arrays? Not sure what you're meaning is here.

    My program is very simple.. a class consisting of an 8x8 char array with '_''s as blank spaces and letters for pieces. The class has a Move() function which takes 4 arguments, x1, y1, x2, and y2. x1,y1 is the starting piece and x2,y2 is the destination. The function checks the coordinates to make sure it is a valid move, and in the if() statement I posted above, those are when the move is valid for a knight.

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    well i have also implemented the game in C... I used an array of 64 to make it simpler.. 8 x 8 has a problem of manuplating validity..

    this is how i dod it.. conside there is an array of array[64].. now consider that the king is in the array[40] position.. no to get a valid move i check the move made like this...

    consider i = 40;

    now valid moves are


    that is |'''''''|''''''''|'''''''''|
    '''''''''''''x'''''''''''''''' |'''''''|''''''''|'''''''''|
    where x is the king.. But this algorithm has a problem.. now conside that the king is in the 8th A8 then the position b1 also become a valid move.. i check this inside the loop... so instead of considering the blocks in this order

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    A ------------------------------>--------->

    i made it as
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    A ------------------------------>--------->|
    B ---<---------------------<-------------<-|

    so that problem is eliminated.. and for example if an component is above to move to a valid position say array[40]. then i check if there is any other pawns in that block.. i stored the position of all the pieces in an array called component[64]; so this holds the entire state of the chess board...

    so if any doubts u r free to ask questions.... My game is not yet ready.. i am still workong on it.. i have problems in pecial moves like castling etc etc.. and my game is a 2 player game.. so no AI involved,, i am planin to implement one later.. for this i have thought of a pointing system where i can back track 2 levels(not that intlegent program but still...) and then allocating points to the white and black side.. but i will have to improve this...

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